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Triad Trampolines Inc.

Regina Trampoline Sales, Trampoline Parts and Trampoline Repairs

Triad Trampolines Inc.'s Logo

Triad Trampolines Inc.

Regina Trampoline Sales, Trampoline Parts and Trampoline Repairs

Trampoline Repairs in Emerald Park

If you’re looking for a company who specializes in trampoline repairs and setups, look no further than Triad Trampolines Inc.. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and we are here to help you. Call us at (306) 779-1206 today.


Our Trampoline Repairs Will Have You Jumping for Joy

Whether you are looking for a company to assist you in the assembly of your new trampoline, or you need someone to replace one of your frame pieces, we can help you. It’s not just that we know trampolines inside and out, either—though that certainly helps. We are also one of the most trusted distributors of trampoline parts in Emerald Park and beyond. This means we’ll be able to get you those new rust-free springs immediately or even provide you with a shiny new safety pad!

Would you like to hear more about our services? Are you curious to see a full list of the products we have in stock? Contact us today!

We Are the Trampoline Company with Over 25 Years of Experience

Other companies only dedicate a small portion of their energy to trampoline-related services. Here at Triad Trampolines Inc., our entire business is devoted to these spring-loaded sources of enjoyment. We service old trampolines, sell new ones, and have every spare part, attachment, and accessory you could ever need. We even carry rebounder trampolines, too!

Our knowledge of trampolines ensures that we’ll always correct issues with your gymnastic apparatus and return it to operating exactly as it should!

Before Trampoline Patch Repair Always Comes the Free Consultation

If you call us because you’ve noticed your frame is bowing, or your springs are tearing through the frame, we don’t expect you to know why that is happening. After all, we’re the trampoline experts.

We’ll find out what is compromising the integrity of your trampoline quickly. What’s more, that first consultation will always be free!

The consultation process is one of the many ways you save money with us.

We Have All the Replacement Trampoline Parts You Need

We’re one of the leading distributors of spare trampoline parts in the region, which means you’ll never have to wait for an extended period for your springs or patches to arrive in the mail. You’ll also never have to waste your own valuable time by tracking down the components you need.

Rest assured, we have everything you need and more.

Fast Turnarounds on All-Trampoline Net Repairs

Trampolines are meant to be enjoyed. No one knows that better than us. You can count on us to perform our repairs quickly without cutting any corners in the process.

Every Trampoline Mat Repair Comes with an Extended Warranty for Added Protection

With our warranties, we continue to look after your trampoline long after we leave your home. If anything, ever goes wrong, all you’ll have to do is call us back.

Call Emerald Park’s Best Trampoline Repair Team Today!

Don’t let your trampoline go unused just because of some minor wear and tear. Call Triad Trampolines Inc.! We’ll make sure that trampoline of yours is back in action quickly.