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Triad Trampolines Inc.

Regina Trampoline Sales, Trampoline Parts and Trampoline Repairs

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Triad Trampolines Inc.

Regina Trampoline Sales, Trampoline Parts and Trampoline Repairs

Trampoline Rental in Emerald Park

For your next party or special event, what could be more fun than a trampoline rental from the specialists at Triad Trampolines Inc.! Our entertaining, safe, and large size trampoline options are easy to assemble and sure to be the center of attention.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy the exercise and comradery associated with trampolining. With endless options for games and activities, it is the natural choice for an activity that will get everyone involved and excited.

You’ll appreciate our excellent rental rates and prompt availabilities, as well!

To request a free quote, or to schedule a trampoline, give us a call today.


Great Rates on Modern, Full-Sized Trampolines for Rent

Almost all of us have great memories of enjoying trampolines as children. However, individuals of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy this fun and beneficial activity, especially together! Our team of trampoline specialists here at Triad Trampolines Inc. are committed to offering this wonderful experience to all individuals.

While we specialize in trampoline sales and repairs, we also offer a full rental inventory of trampolines for rent. They are the ultimate addition to any special event, including birthday parties, reunions, anniversaries, and even weddings! 

We can recommend the best size and type of trampoline for your needs, and rent it to you for your desired length of time. You will be impressed by our great rates and by the quality of our products!

To learn more about our trampoline rentals, contact us today.


Wide Selection of Trampolines and Rebounders in Multiple Sizes

We are pleased to offer our clients in the Emerald Park area a wide inventory of top-quality trampolines to enjoy. We carry proudly Canadian made products of trampolines and rebounders, built to offer superior strength and durability.

Our trampolines are available in configurations such as rectangular, circular, and octagonal, and are also available in several different dimensions to suit the needs of each party.

Simply provide us with the number of people on your guest list, as well as your venue, and we can recommend the best products for your needs!


Skilled, Experienced Trampoline Specialists

We have been serving clients in the Emerald Park area for a number of years. We are exerting in all matters related to trampolines, and are passionate about making this engaging activity available to all. Rentals, sales, and repairs are just some of the services we offer.


You will appreciate our great rates and timely availabilities as well! Make your next special event a truly special one by giving us a call––(306) 779-1206.


Make Your Next Party a Trampoline Party with Our Trampoline Rental Services

Learn why so many clients are choosing Triad Trampolines Inc.’s trampoline rental services for their special events! Our exceptional products and services may prove to be the highlight of your party.

To learn more about our services, or to request free pricing information, reach out to one of our representatives today. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have!